Due to the fact that Barcelona boasts one of the most beautiful skylines in the world and is surrounded by a truly stunning natural environment, it only makes sense that this city will offer a handful of bars and cafes that will allow visitors to appreciate this visually stunning region. Let us look at the top ten bars with the best views.

Gran Hotel La Florida

This rooftop paradise is perched atop Tibidabo mountain directly inland from the city centre. Besides offering tasty “tapas” and tempting cocktails, the Gran Hotel will give visitors an uninterrupted, panoramic view of the city and the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

W Hotel

This sail-shaped hotel is considered the most luxurious in Barcelona, and its rooftop paradise will certainly confirm this status. Besides offering a pool and jacuzzi, patrons can view Barcelona’s World Trade Centre and its spotless beaches.

Hotel Villa Emilia

The terrace atop this hotel is located in the well-to-do shopping district of Barcelona known as Example. This rather relaxed atmosphere is punctuated by comfortable lounge chairs, quiet settings and a spectacular overhead view of Barcelona’s 19th century architecture and tree-lined streets.

The Majestic Hotel

The name truly does reflect the views that visitors can expect. Guests will be treated to immaculate views of the hills of Montjiuc as well as the famous Sagrada Familia that was constructed (and still under construction) by Antonio Gaudi over one hundred years ago.
The Majestic Hotel is also a venue to rub shoulders with celebrities and local politicians.

Hotel 1898

This rooftop destination offers comfortable, shaded beds to lounge upon while peering down at the centre of Barcelona. An outdoor pool adjoined to a bar allow for a perfect lazy afternoon. As this terrace is located directly above the famous “Las Ramblas”, guests can wile away the hours and enjoy watching the throngs of tourists pass below.

H10 Montcada

The best time to frequent this location is during the evening hours. As the H10 Montcada is located in the “Old Town” section of the city, countless lights will twinkle as soon as the sun sets. The world famous church of Santa Maria del Mar is located nearby and this location is perfect to witness its gothic splendour accentuated by the evening lights.

Pulitzer Hotel

This terrace is located directly beside Plaza Catalunya, thus it is easy to arrive here from any location within the city. Guests will enjoy picturesque views of the plaza as well as the surrounding architecture.

The Condes de Barcelona

This new venue provides unforgettable views of La Casa Mila and the Sagrada Familia. These sights are complimented by a subdued atmosphere, live musical performances and tranquil lighting.

Hotel Claris

This rooftop terrace is privy to some of the most dramatic views of the heart of Barcelona’s city centre. Evenings are the best times to appreciate the buildings to be found below. An added amenity is the fact that guests can enjoy a full course menu as well as drinks and snacks.

Skybar Grand Hotel

Located on the ancient Via Laietana, the Skybar Grand is considered by many to boast one of the best views of the old portion of the city. The ancient cathedral, the church of Santa Maria del Mar and the port can all be seen from this rooftop paradise. Prices here are notably cheaper than in many of the other locations previously mentioned.

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